“the stories were wonderfully told and I thought your manner with both children and adults was excellent”

Helen Lisk, Play Development Officer, Exeter City Council

At its simplest this is a series of stories drawn from around the world with a common theme. I work in an interactive and creative way adapting style and content to suit a range of audiences. I have worked as resident story teller with organicARTS using stories to extend children’s and adults understanding of and appreciation for the processes which lead to us eating food.

Stories can take many forms

“we thoroughly enjoyed the story time with Kevin, the children were totally engrossed in the story of the apple man!! and the puppet was great, we are going to try and make one at Nursery!! To have the story in the orchard was an added bonus!!”

Julie White, Fledgelings Nursery, Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation Trust

Here is an example … Hens and Eggs

Look, a half dozen eggs nestling in a box but now look closer and turn them over. Each has a story image on it including brave forest hens, a monstrous cockatrice and the obligatory golden egg.. but what about the blank one? You’ll have to make that one up!

Hens and Eggs is a 45 minute story session at home in schools, children’s centres and at family fairs and playdays.


… and another one ..The Leaf Session

This is a session which can take place at West Town, in the Tree Circle down by the copse, or at a location near you.

The session includes

This session could last between an hour up to a whole day.

… and for a spot of magic Shadow Puppets

other themes

The Orchard Stories



Pigs and Porridge


Extend this project

beans eggsStories can be run in conjunction with Love Local Food‘s van full of locally grown organic produce.We will explore why carrots are orange, why an apple is not just an apple and how the humble potato grows! First hand contact with often alien vegetables, a chance to prepare local food, taste the results and see the places and people who produce it. This is an ideal accompaniment to work on Harvest.

Why not then arrange a visit to either West Town Farm or The Barton to see crops and animals living and growing.


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