Think it … Map it!


Mind and Concept Maps allow us to gather, structure and communicate our understanding and ideas in a very visual way. Mind mapping software allows ideas to re-ordered and connected very simply but very powerfully.

Think it … Map it!

Using either examples drawn from a working farm or from subjects which you are exploring in the classroom Think it … Map it! gives children the chance to share their ideas, look closely at them and then restructure them to give a greater understanding.


I can use either software you have in school or introduce you to effective free software.The ideas mentioned below use MindMeister as a simple online mind mapping tool that is easy to embed and share on webpages.

The Organic Learning Page is a starting point for a series of maps linked to farm visits and is open to contributions. Do pay it a visit. Feedback is always welcome!

The Badger Tales page on this site develops one strand of this.

Extend this session ..

Track through a project with a group of children and see how their mapping of ideas changes

Explore with teachers different ways of using computer software to develop mind mapping techniques.


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