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Full Pot!

Take one very large stew pot, a collection of vegetable stories and an enthusiastic Priory Primary School, mix them all up and finish up with soup for 170, a retelling of stories and four rather beautiful banners.
This was an interesting brief from DAISI to link the SEAL theme of “Good to be me” with healthy cooking and storytelling over two days of workshops. I had a thoroughly good time. We explored how a school is made up of individuals who all have their own special qualities in the same way that a soup is made up of vegetables all with their own stories and properties.

I was impressed with the way Year 1 and 2 chopped, grated, scrubbed and peeled enough veg for the whole school, the Year 6 rap version of the story of Antoine Parmentier, the speaking and singing carrots of Year 6, the retelling of the “Old Woman and the Pumpkin” by Year 3 and 4 and foundation class’ enacting of the “Tortoise the Hare and the Squash Field. So much sharing, creativity and teamwork. Fantastic. I hope to post the lyrics of the two songs soon.
I am intrigued by the way that food and stories can be linked, cooking and telling, sustaining body and mind. I feel I need to get researching and collecting snippets of story and fact to add into the recipe. It can be tricky finding the right stories to enhance and draw out a theme without being too contrived. There is a real lot of learning to do!


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Flying Start, Carrots and the Love Local Food Van!

Love Local Food is developing its outreach work with children’s groups exploring vegetables, healthy eating and farms through cooking, creating and stories. I am working with Jo on a series of sessions in partnership with the Flying Start Children’s Centre visiting lots of groups across Central Exeter. Today we braved the snow and ice and dropped in on the St Davids Church Toddler Group. Great fun! It was so good to work with very young children’s attention and interest. Piling up carrots, washing and chopping them, printing, soup making (very welcome on a cold day!) and a little story about the colours of carrots. I am looking forward to seeing this project develop. This is a rather nice image from Wikipedia just in case you thought that all carrots were orange!
Carrots of many colours

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