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Clay and Cows!

Interesting project starting at the farm creating 1000 cows for Devon Open Studios in September. It should be quite a sight! Of course any connection to Gormley’s A Field for the British Isles is purely deliberate.

I am looking at a mix of cow folk tales and myths from around the world, along with digging up clay from the fields, observing cows closely and modelling cow forms. The pictures come from a session with Newtown Primary’s Year 1s. Such a good sense of concentration! They were a pleasure to work with.


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Cow tales!

We were working on a cow theme at the Clyst Heath Play4Free day. Jo was making potato cows and I was telling cow tales.

It is interesting how stories will expand or contract depending on the audience. Over the 3 hour session I must have told the Punjabi story 50-50  5 or 6 times and each telling changed emphasis and content. It is a good way to get a feel for how a story can work and which are the best ones for a particular time. It is good catching the parents as they listen alongside their children. 50-50 was joined by an Irish Tale of cow rustling by a the one eyed giant Balor, the lying cow of Nigeria and the Cow and the Tiger from India in which the love of the cow for her calf conquers the hunger of the tiger. Sometimes a stories message is clear and other times it lies hidden waiting for discovery. 50-50 certainly generated the most discussion with its theme of  fairness!

Pigs and oats next time in Exwick on the 28th August for the last of the Play4Free events.

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Trees, leaves and cows!

I am glad to be here. Lots of images and words and re-organising however this blog is now published and the real projects start.

I am off to West Town Farm tomorrow to work with a group of children on story telling and leaf identification.  It is always good to be in the circle of trees planted down in Easterbrook at the edge of the copse. I wonder how many of hazel trees will have nuts?


Friday is an Exeter City Council Play4Free event at Clyst Heath. This time the theme is cows. There are some good stories to be told, one from India about a cow and a tiger and another from Ireland that explains why a group of rocks look just like a cow and her calves.

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