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Clay and Cows!

Interesting project starting at the farm creating 1000 cows for Devon Open Studios in September. It should be quite a sight! Of course any connection to Gormley’s A Field for the British Isles is purely deliberate.

I am looking at a mix of cow folk tales and myths from around the world, along with digging up clay from the fields, observing cows closely and modelling cow forms. The pictures come from a session with Newtown Primary’s Year 1s. Such a good sense of concentration! They were a pleasure to work with.


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looking closer and creating playfully

sukkaThe Barton, home of Shillingford Organics, hosted a visit from Denbury Primary who were following up their morning visit to the Synagogue with a celebration of food! Whilst Jo, my wife, took half the group visiting the packing shed, poly tunnels and compost heaps I worked the others on a sculpture project.
The project started with a link to their morning visit with an introduction to the Sukka, the shelter made as part of the Jewish harvest festival of Sukkot, then led into observational drawing of leaves up and down the farm and concluded with willow and fabric shelter sculptures.
It was so good creating work outside surrounded by the source material of your work. Our field became full of work areas and our shelters expanded as we dodged the showers, designed in pastel and paint and constructed in willow! A lovely counterpoint to the OFSTED inspection at St Davids in morning.

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